In 2055 the first deep space mission is launched. In a freak accident Explorer 1 is pulled into an unstable wormhole and thrown across the galaxy. Determined to return home at any cost the crew embarks on a long dangerous mission across unknown space. As captain of Explorer 1 it's your job to get your crew back to Earth.

Each time you play a new randomly generated game is created which will be fraught with challenges. Keeping your crew alive and scavenging for fuel will become the norm. Greedy merchants will try to charge you exorbitant prices and pirates will try to rob you blind.

However if you are smart, lucky and courageous you may just make it back to Earth.


(Q) What is the current version?
(A) Version 1.00

(Q) What platforms is it available on?
(A) iPhone (v4.2 or higher)

(Q) Will you be creating versions for other platforms?
(A) If there is sufficient interest then yes.

(Q) Help! I'm stuck!
(A) Check out the strategy guide below for lots of tips and tricks.

(Q) What is the privacy policy for this app?
(A) Privacy Policy


Strategy Guide

The first stage of the game is critical. Don't be too quick to blow your budget on upgrades. It may be better to save your money and wait for trading opportunities to present themselves. As you have a long way to go think long term not short term. In addition always try to keep a small amount of money in reserve to purchase fuel.

It may seem like the encounters are randomly generated however they aren't. Instead there is a weighting behind each encounter which means that traders and space stations (in fact all encounters) are more evenly spread out.

Be careful using wormholes and subspace slingshots. Although they can propel your vessel closer home they can potentially cause you to miss a space station or trader which could be vital for refueling.

Buy low and sell high when it comes to trading goods. Large profits can be made assuming you have the money to invest. Fuel is also a commodity however never leave yourself short or you may find yourself floating in space without anyway to get home.

The existing fuel tanks on your ship are okay however having an extra one can make all the difference.

Upgraded sensors are vital for determining what's ahead and with a clear picture you can make more informed decisions.

Don't forget that you can check your scanners, inventory and upgrades at any time during the game. This can be vital when you have a difficult decision to make.

Don't despair if you find yourself consistently failing to reach Earth. It will take time to learn the best strategies and methods to get home.

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