Have you ever been bored at work? Driven insane by your moronic colleagues? Think your boss is an idiot? Then "Surviving the Workday" is the app for you! Seven different modules help you to survive the workday and hopefully take the pain out of it.

Module 1 - Time at work
Are you stuck at your desk and hanging out for home time? This will calculate what percentage of the day has gone and how much is left.

Module 2 - Oracle
Hate the responsibility of making decisions? Let the Oracle Beetle do it for you. Just enter a question and let it make the hard decisions for you. If anyone dares to question why you decided to do something, simply reply "The Oracle Beetle told me to".

Module 3 - Countdown timer
The countdown timer will tell you how many days are left until your birthday, Christmas or even the next election! Easily configurable you can set a target date up to ten years in the future. Also includes customizable text.

Module 4 - Puzzle
Bored mindless during meetings? Kick back and relax with a sliding puzzle to help take your mind off work. Stick with the regular numbers or switch to a vista for more of a challenge.

Module 5 - Meeting costs
Have you ever wondered how much the meeting you are stuck in is costing the company? Well now you can with the handy meeting cost calculator. Just enter the number of people; length of the meeting and the hourly rate and you will soon see how much money is being wasted.

Module 6 - Quote of the day
Hit rock bottom and want to feel inspired? The quote of the day is just what you need.

Module 7 - This day in history
You may be bored at work but what major events have happened on this day in history?


- 7 different modules to help you through the workday
- All modules are unlocked and available in this version
- No annoying ads


(Q) What is the current version?
(A) Version 1.00

(Q) What platforms is it available on?
(A) iPhone

(Q) Will you be creating versions for other platforms?
(A) If there is sufficient interest then yes.

(Q) What is the privacy policy for this app?
(A) Privacy Policy


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